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Our attorneys have extensive experience as litigators and a long track record of success. Attorney Chariton has been practicing law for more than five decades. Attorney Malak, has been practicing law for more than 20 years. They work together using insights gleaned from decades of courtroom experience to anticipate moves by the opposing counsel and create ongoing realistic case evaluations and strategies for success.

Litigating A Broad Range Of Businesses Disputes

We have worked with businesses from a wide array of industries across Pennsylvania. From small retail operations to large manufacturers and service providers, we have represented businesses of all sizes facing litigation. We provide counsel and litigation services for all kinds of business disputes including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Contract disputes
  • Complex commercial litigation involving multiple parties
  • Fraud
  • Non-compete enforcement
  • Ownership/partnership disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

Whether your enterprise is the target of litigation, or you are interested in filing a lawsuit, we have the knowledge, skills and ability to represent you in court.

Energy Law Litigation Services

Our firm has represented energy industry operations in various administrative proceedings and litigation. We represent clients in a wide variety of public and private legal issues that govern the oil and gas industries. Our qualifications allow us to represent clients in state and federal court as well as before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and state utility commissions.

Some of the types of litigation we take on includes:

  • Energy law and compliance issues
  • Environmental
  • Formal and informal investigations
  • FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) litigation
  • Permit and compliance violations
  • PUC (Public Utility Commission) litigation

We collaborate with our clients to encourage a positive outcome, and to develop strategies to minimize the possibility of future litigation.

Probate And Estate Litigation Services

The most common scenario that results in estate litigation is when the deceased passed away without a will or estate plan or beneficiaries in the same class of relationship are not treated equally. Decisions made in probate court and with respect to non-probate assets by named and unnamed beneficiaries may result in lawsuits.

In addition to cases where the where the deceased did not have a will or estate plan, probate and estate litigation encompasses other types of challenges and disputes including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Fiduciary surcharge actions
  • Formal and informal accounting disputes
  • Power of attorney disputes
  • Trust Litigation
  • Will Contests

Many practitioners who are involved in Civil Division litigation rarely or never are involved in Orphans’ Court Division litigation even though the stakes are often very high. Chariton & Malak routinely conducts litigation in the Orphans’ Court Division in Luzerne County and in other Northeastern Pennsylvania counties.  If you are involved or may become involved in probate or estate litigation, please contact us today.

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