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At Chariton & Malak, we represent clients across a wide variety of public and private legal issues concerning the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. In this complex and evolving field, our extensive background in energy law intersects with our substantial knowledge of business, corporate, regulatory and real estate law – allowing us to examine our clients’ matters from multiple angles and enabling them to fully understand the interrelated ramifications of complicated questions. Our advanced legal experience includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

  • Hydraulic fracturing (fracking)
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Land use and ownership
  • Surface, easement and mineral rights

We are prepared to assist you in disputes and litigation concerning oil and gas exploration, extraction and ownership, and we can also offer proactive counsel that mitigates the risk of future conflict.

Examining Renewables With Insight And Innovation

As the energy industry within and beyond Pennsylvania increasingly embraces sustainable sources of power, producers, municipalities and landowners need to understand the rights and regulations governing this growing area of energy law. Solar and wind power offer new and exciting opportunities for investment while raising familiar questions of ownership, development and regulatory compliance.

Our attorneys are accomplished and versatile energy law practitioners. They draw on their deep understanding of this field and their diligent study of its ongoing evolution to counsel business and individuals who are party to solar or wind project disputes. By combining experience with innovation, they can address renewable energy questions with unique insight and clarity.

Get Answers To Your Energy Law Questions

If you are party to an oil, gas or renewable energy law conflict, contact Chariton & Malak. Together, our attorneys bring over 70 years of experience to our clients’ legal concerns. We will work with you to develop a thorough understanding of your interests and will meet your issue with the focus and attention to detail our clients trust and our competitors respect. To schedule a consultation, call 570-824-3511 or complete our online form.